In addition to supplying new equipment, ITALZETA looks after the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the dies in production, implementing a series of programmed actions to keep them in efficient condition. For this purpose, we draw up a preventive maintenance plan (sharpening, cleaning and replacement of normalized components, etc.) and after accurate analysis, we set up and manage a spare parts warehouse for the die parts at greater risk.

The production presses, the complementary plants and machinery, and the automation components undergo the same preventive maintenance and inspection procedures. This, together with the creation, management and constant updating of stocks guarantee our commitment to providing uninterrupted production and on-time deliveries against unexpected events and production peaks.
Moreover, the company takes care of any equipment adjustments that might be necessary during the life of the product.

Over each phase of the supply, the client is guaranteed technical advice and if necessary, on-site assistance.

Another equally important aspect is the attention paid to the personal safety of operators and to the environment.